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[FoxNews] An investigation into how Shaun McNamara died revealed that he drank himself to death after consuming too much water. His body was found on the floor of his bathroom last September.

At first, doctors thought McNamara had suffered a heart attack. It was not until an autopsy revealed that he had downed so much fluid, so fast, that his brain had swollen, the Mail reported.

"In 35 years as a pathologist I have never come across such a case," said Dr. Ian Reed, who carried out the autopsy.

Water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia, normally is linked to marathon runners' drinking too much water after a race. When this happens, there is so much water in the body that it dilutes vital minerals such as sodium down to dangerous levels. This can lead to confusion, headaches and in extreme cases fatal swelling of the brain, according to the report.

Hyponatremia - Water Intoxication,低钠血症,水中毒。大量喝水后体液中电解质浓度过低,造成细胞内外的浓度差从而使细胞膨胀,可造成心率不齐、肺水肿(听起来像高原反应...)、癫痫、昏迷.....死亡。一般在婴儿及运动员人群较为多见。




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